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Our Rose Petal Loose Leaf tea Gives a Light Calming Aroma, which is souced from the Rose petals and buds of the rose bush. It's a good source of hydration, its naturally caffeine-free, , rich in antioxidants, assist with Weight management, Brain Health, Immune System, may help you live longer, assist with youthful Skin,  and may help relieve painful menstruals. With that being said this is our Most Dainty and delicate Tea which we call "Feminine Flower".

Rose Petal Tea (Feminine) (4 oz.)

    • In a small saucepan or Tea place our Feminine Rose petal Blend over medium-high heat.  or use the (Tea bags Provided) Cover with water and bring just to a simmer.
    • Let simmer for approximately 5 minutes or until the Rose  petal blend become discolored or darken.
    • Remove from heat and strain the hot rose petal Blend liquid into teacups. Add honey to taste. Enjoy Goddess!
  • Rose Petals, Rose Hip Seeds, Green Tea

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