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Rose Me Pink is an essential Scent that has an array of vitamins and Minerals. Rose has a  hard exterior, but soft core properties. This Aura is not only a moisturizer, but gives off energy that looks good, but feels exhilarating from within.

Helps rid dead skin Cells, and Promote healthy glowing skin. Apply to skin in the Shower, 

Rose Me Pink Sugar Scrub

  • Our Handcrafted Organic Sugar Scrub is derived from all Natural ingredients to provide a gentle Exfoliation that helps rid dead skin Cells, Cleanse and remove impurities and oils from pores, Nourishes, hydrate, & moisturize the skin by-locking in the healing properties of our blend , Creating a positive inner vibe that translate to a healthy radiating glow,  Our Formulated blend can help reduce the appearance of Stretch Marks, Cellulite, acne scars, dark spots and Eczema. promote elasticity Stimulate and increase blood circulation. decrease stress and anxiety, tone and even complexion. Good for all Skin Types.

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